Planning in High Heels


Patricia McDonald (@patsmc)

If there’s one thing I love more than killer heels, it’s a killer idea. A planner for over 15 years, I discovered a passion for all things digital back in 2008, inspired by John Battelle’s description of “the database of intentions”. Passionately curious about the social web, data visualisation, the power of the crowd, robots and Louboutins. Currently Chief Strategy Officer, Isobar UK,¬†¬†formerly Founding Partner, The Social Practice, Head of Digital Strategy, CHI & Partners and Planning Director at BBH and BBH Labs . Views expressed here are my own and not those of my employers.

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  • Lovely initiative championing the very best of female creativity via @tdegroose 3 days ago
  • @beabrew absolutely, very true 6 days ago
  • @adliterate is there some kind of crisis centre where we can make donations? Or perhaps a useful hashtag? 6 days ago
  • The other challenge is not aligning the time frame in which we define success-5 year transformation plans versus annual results and bonuses 6 days ago
  • Increasingly believe that most issues companies face stem from not aligning behaviours they want to see and behaviours they incentivise 6 days ago

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